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W9YT In the Early Sixties

1958-59 Annual Report

Report of the first year of operation after the "Second Coming" of W9YT in 1957.

1960-61 Annual Report

Details of Army MARS activity, interference problems and W9YT operation using Army ROTC equipment. Also, BARS obtained a 75S1 and Viking kilowatt.

1961-62 Annual Report

Interesting summary of activities including WIQP, Field Day and CQ 160 meter contest by Bob Dixon, W9OKN.

Preview Letter - 1959-60
Letter - November 1960
Letter - April 1961
Letter - February 1962
Letter - September 1963
Letter - October 1963
Letter - December 1963

Recruiting letters, meeting announcements and information for the membership.

Station Pictures

W9YT in 1962

1962 - Viking Ranger and Kilowatt for AM and CW and Central Electronics 10B SSB exciter (member property). Collins 75S1 receiver and, yes, a Heathkit Q-Multiplier!


1963 - The 75S1 receiver has been replaced by a 75A3 and a homebrew SSB exciter (built by Larry Jacobson, K9ANJ) replaces the 10B.

1963 RTTY

Another 1963 picture showing the Selective Service System's BC-610 on the left and RTTY equipment on the right.


An early 1964 picture. The "Blue Beast" SSB exciter has been replaced with a Central Electronics 20A.

Some Members

Phil Goetz

Phil Goetz, K9ELT, now N6ZZ.

Jorge Tamayo

Jorge Tamayo, later YV5CGT

Plisch and Klinger

Don Plisch, K9CYD, and Ken Klinger, K2CCW(?). Don was Chief Engineer in 1960.

Tom Turba

Tom Turba, K9PKU, now W0PMS.


Larry Jacobson, K9ANJ, Tom Turba, K9PKU, and Bob Williams, WA9BZY, attacking the SSB exciter. Larry was Chief Engineer in 1962-1963 and Bob was President in 1964.

recycling bottles

Recycling old bottles. Tube art by Don, K9CYD.


Don, K9CYD, shows off project to increase coax conduit capacity.