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Engineering Expo 2007

4-21-2007-13.jpg Devin trying his hand at CW. 4-21-2007-14.jpg Visitors at the booth.
4-21-2007-15.jpg Jacob answering questions. 4-21-2007-16_edited.jpg Jacob and a visitor.
4-21-2007-18.jpg Two future operators, hopefully! 4-21-2007-23.jpg Spreadin' the word.
4-21-2007-26.jpg Another interested customer. 469052311_58f9764605.jpg WA9SE demonstrating.
469052323_c302cd5dfd_b.jpg SE doing what she does best. 469052289_663af846a1_b.jpg Getting things set up.
469052217_e6cdda2357_b.jpg Laptop running CWget. 469052301_5cc375d9f6.jpg Doing nothin'.