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The W9YT callsign, now held by the Badger Amateur Radio Society, has been in use at the University of Wisconsin-Madison since 1930. Yes, W9YT has quite a long history.

Be sure to read about the "Second Coming"of W9YT in 1957.

More history of W9YT written by W6FQX.

We also have some reports/news letters and pictures from the early 1960s

Meet the BARS officers.

W9YT operates a repeater at 146.685 MHz with a pl of 123. The location of this repeater is atop Van Hise hall, the tallest building in Madison. The repeater is a GE Master II that was donated to the club. Here is a link to a view off the roof of Van Hise.

The shack is in the penthouse on top of the Engineering Research Building. This puts the antennas up about 240 feet.

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